Total Reset Mentoring Program




3 Months ( Fortnightly) (2 hours/ session)  One on One NLP Mentoring Program.  The goal of this Program is to give you as many of the skills that will help you succeed in getting what you want in life. dives deep into the concept of RAPPORT. You’ll learn what it is, how to create it, and how to use it to help other people feel instantly comfortable with you and your message. You will understand the modeling , a skill that will allow you to really get into the experience of another person. You’ll also learn the ªhierarchy of thinking  and why intellectually knowing something is completely different than experientially knowing the same thing. Finally, you’ll learn the different systems people use to take in information from the outside world and how to identify people’s system quickly. You will experiment the two different ways of listening, how to tell what a person’s representational system is by just looking and listening to them, how to tell what another person is experiencing by watching where they look, and much more. NLP is also about suspending your mind’s current beliefs about what is possible, because what you believe you are capable of is what will occur. We will show you how to use your mind to control your sense (of what is) in an entirely new way. Aristotle was the first to recognize that a major reason our thinking becomes distorted is due to the grammar structure of the language we think in so you’ll look at 9 specific examples of how the structure of language twists and contorts your thinking and simple questions to straighten things out IMMEDIATELY.This will help you free yourself from limited thinking.


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